Vinkveld med Gio Vin på Cafe Ambrosia


Italian wines are amongst the most recognized wines in the world, and they are also much appreciated by Norwegians; however, perhaps not everyone is familiar with the typical wines of the Puglia region, for example Primitivo di Manduria, Negroamaro and Salice Salentino. Wines that are
known for their deep color and intense flavor - wines with strong character and identity.

Puglia, a region located in the South of Italy, in heel of the country, between two seas, which is known for its Mediterranean climate and unique landscape. We would like to give the Norwegian people the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy these exclusive wines.

Presenting the wines will be Giovanni Scorrano, an Italian native,
born into the 4th generation of a local winemaking family from Manduria, Puglia. From his grandfather and father he watched and learned the process of wine; from growing and harvesting
grapes to making the wine in winery of the family’s home, and Kristin Ølstad, a Norwegian with passion for Italian wine, culture and traditions.

The wines selected for the event are : Zin , Aka, Salice Salentino, Memoria, Elegia, Madrigale.

A small small plate of tapas will be served with the wine.